1st Grade Games

Typing Games
Type Type Revolution
TTR For Kids is designed to help develop basic typing skills as well as enforce other important skills.
Balloon Catchers is a quick, fun little typing game to further enforce and practice basic typing skills.
TTR Training is an advanced typing game that helps students develop their typing skills.
Math Games
Math Pictures

There are hundreds of different pictures to reveal in this math game. You can practice many different math skills from Addition to Division.
Coin Works

Coin Works is fun math game designed to practice basic coin skills like identification, counting and adding money.
Crazy Calculations

This is a fast paced math game to practice and drill math facts as quickly as possible.
Telling Time
Telling Time Game

This is a fun game designed to help students tell time.
Spelling Games
1st Grade

This is a collection of 6 different spelling games designed to make practicing spelling words and lists fun.
Puzzle Games
Click N Drag Puzzles

Click N Drag Puzzles is a great game for students who are still developing mouse manipulation skills. In addition to developing dexterity with a mouse, the game also practices many other valuable skills.

Click the Dots Puzzles is a great game for students who need to practice single clicking and double clicking skills.
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