5th Grade Games

Typing Games
Type Type Revolution
Balloon Catchers

Balloon Catchers is a quick, fun little typing game to further enforce and practice basic typing skills.
TTR: Picture Version

In TTR: Picture Edition every time a letter or word is typed, more of a hidden picture is revealed. It has basic to advanced typing lessons.
TTR: Training

TTR Training is an advanced typing game that helps students develop their typing skills.
TTR: Original Edition

TTR: Original Edition is a collection of 5 games to further test and develop their typings skills.
Math Games
Crazy Calculations

This is a fast paced math game to practice and drill math facts as quickly as possible.
Math Drills

Math drills is a collection of mini-games to help practice basic math facts.
Math Pictures

There are hundreds of different pictures to reveal in this math game.
Spelling Games
5th Grade

This is a collection of 6 different spelling games designed to make practicing spelling words and lists fun.
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