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Welcome to Egames4kids.com! This website was created for the Epiphany Games Software, which is a collection of educational games designed to give students a fun way of practicing valuable skills learned in the classroom. They help students develop valuable computer skills like typing and mouse manipulation while practicing classroom skills. Currently we are testing a new online system for our software. You can try out all the games for free on our website. See the link below.

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Epiphany Games Software was designed side by side with both elementary school teachers and students. These games are all designed to provide fun opportunties for students to practice valuable skills.

Each game offers unique challenges and goals to keep students interested and engaged in the games. There are games designed to help students practice math facts and spelling words, and other games are designed to help students develop keyboarding and mouse manipulation skills.


Would you like to learn more about how this software was designed and developed? Do you have a question about how a game works, or are you having problems with a game loading?

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